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Emergency Management and Fire Departments

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Supported Devices: DJI Phantom 4 and newer, iOS devices

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AR Assists Drone Pilots and Camera Operators:

  • Identify features or objects in the view - roads, points of interest or user created points
  • Understand aircraft speed to location
  • Fly to the correct location at the correct time for image or data collection
  • Know aircraft location and direction of travel at all times.
  • Advanced views of no fly zones or other flight hazards, power lines for flight safety

Features and Subscriptions


Free subscription

Users create their own points or lines to show in the video.

Available on the Apple App store.


AR MAP subscription

World map data such as roads, streets, points of interest, boundaries, trails and waterways will show as AR overlays.

Special Offer:

  • 90 Day Free Trial


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