Augmented Reality App for Small Drones


Click for SmartCam3D View Directions

Points of interest created in the app show as augmented reality overlays during operation and remain in the correct location throughout a flight.

Add an AR point SmartCam3D View


Add and Name points of interest

Add points to locations of interest with one touch on the map.

Create custom names for points.

See augmented reality at work in the video.


Share Points

Send and receive points of interest via email.

Find Me - App users can share locations with each other even when only one is flying.

Watch Find Me  to see how it works.

Who needs AR on their sUAS?  Everyone.  Augmented reality is useful for all unmanned pilots, from hobby fliers to public safety officers. 

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SmartCam3D View runs on iOS devices and is compatible with the following DJI platforms: Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire 1 and Mavic Pro.

Coming soon: Subscriptions for AR overlays.

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