Introducing Powered By SmartCam3D


Today, Rapid Imaging Software, Inc. announced the Powered by SmartCam3D partnership program.  This program allows participating partners the opportunity to embed our augmented reality engine into their products.  The software may be embedded in hardware or as a plug-in for federated video networks. The API interface is simple, and your product will be “powered by” SmartCam3D in short order.

Augmented reality (AR) enhances video with real time map and location data.  This means the user knows exactly where they are looking and what is in the view.  Some examples include: street names, locations of interest and parcel addresses.  SmartCam3D is the ultimate situational awareness tool, it conveys location data quickly and accurately, enhancing decision making.

This program is ideal for the following organizations (export controls may apply):

  • Sensor manufacturers
  • Cloud based video and data management services
  • Mission management hardware manufacturers or integrators
  • UAS manufacturers of all sizes.

Augmented reality enhanced video may be shown on many devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, vision systems and smart devices.


  1. Augmented reality is a significant product enhancement. Software integration is relatively quick and partners can begin enjoying enhanced profit quickly. 
  2. SmartCam3D is not vapor.  This is mature technology that delivers a distinctive technological edge to our partners. 
  3. Our team has supported integration on many systems since 2001.

The market for augmented reality products is ready for dramatic expansion.  Deloitte Consulting estimates that the market for augmented reality will expand from 1.5 BN to 5.16 BN over the next 16 months. 

For information on becoming a partner contact us at or 608-824-1131.