SmartCam3D View Offers Industrial Strength Awesome

The latest version of SmartCam3D View offers all-star features.

  1. Free subscription for augmented reality overlays.  Now through June 31, 2017 users can try the subscription service at no charge.  Drone operators may select which overlays will show in the view.  Options include: road lines, road names, railroads, landmarks and more.  Plus pilots may create and add their own points of interest before or during a flight.
  2. Record video and metadata.  This feature allows the user to playback video with AR overlays (requires SmartCam3D Player). (MPEG/KLV STANAG 4601 and MISB 0601 standards).

SmartCam3D View offers other great features, like the FIND ME option, click here for more.

Whether a drone is for work or play, SmartCam3D View makes tasks easier and enhances situational awareness.  Compatible with DJI Phantom 3 and newer.

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