Find Me - New Feature for SmartCam3D View

The SmartCam3D View, Find Me feature is a useful addition that allows app users to share points via email, including the user’s current location. 

Here is an example. A power line inspection team is in the field.  Everyone on the team has the SmartCam3D View app. The pilot sets up the drone, calibrates the headings and gets ready to fly.

One of the other team members drives along the power line looking for damage or maintenance issues on the structures.  When an issue is found the point is marked in SmartCam3D View and sent to the pilot and the scout can send a point for their location as well. The pilot receives the points of interest which show in the video during flight in the correct location.

This feature is useful for teams collecting data, searching for an object/person, for scouting terrain or anytime team members are out of sight. 

Possible users include: film makers, search and rescue teams, fire fighters, roof inspectors and other commercial maintenance and construction teams.

Watch the video for more: