Beyond the Smartphone - AR from Above

In the period of a week Pokemon Go has made augmented reality (AR) a household term. The app shows cartoon characters as augmented reality overlays blended into the real world, in real time. This is a fun use of augmented reality and this technology has great utility for many applications. 

Rapid Imaging Software (RIS) has worked with augmented reality technology for over 20 years. Our AR overlays are  geographic or other data blended on video, examples include, roads, streets, waterways, landmarks and more. 

A typical user is sensor operator capturing video from a manned or unmanned aircraft or an analyst reviewing recorded video after a flight.  Our products solve two problems for the users; identification of objects on the ground and awareness of the location in the view.  Simply stated our augmented reality technology helps the viewer know where they are looking and to identify objects in the view. 

Identifying items in video captured from above sounds easy, in reality it is difficult. Imagine an insurance adjuster flying a roof inspection on a home with a small drone.  The home is located in a subdivision, in which there are 500 nearly identical units. Without augmented reality, selecting the correct home in a sea of identical roofs will be a challenge.   

Examples of users and AR overlays to match each scenario are shown below:

  • Farmers:  Icons to identify property boundaries or float over plants that require attention.
  • Insurance adjusters: Icons with policy holder information float over the property.  After a flood or natural disaster, roads and policy holder properties show in the correct location regardless of damage caused by a storm.
  • Utility inspectors:  Icons with structure name are shown in the live video. The user can add repair or damage notes to show in the video.
  • Search and rescue teams:  An icon marking last known location of a missing person or the location of the search team.
  • Camera operators:  Use icons to find the mark at the right time with the right camera orientation. Add interest with icons for trail markers, park boundaries, roads and notes may all show in the video.

We can show almost anything with a geographic location as an overlay.  

Our technology is scalable and we have cloud-based solutions.  Call 608-824-1131 or email: to integrate AR on your system.

The video below shows augmented reality in action including small unmanned systems.