Welcome to the Surveillance Imagery Ecosystem

Steve Jobs introduced us to the idea of an ecosystem.  He envisioned the computer acting as a digital hub for applications, music, movies, and all things digital.  It was a hub and spoke model with the computer at the center, surrounded by phones, music players, video players, and other devices all working happily together.  History shows it to be a very successful model, because it addressed the need for an integrated moving map or augmented reality system.

The same thing is about to happen in the world surveillance video.  Until now, users have been offered point solutions.  Buy a camera here, and buy a moving map there, and analysis software yet elsewhere.  Then you either hire an integrator, or else roll your own.  Sound like fun?  After market solutions often end up working like an afterthought.  The solution will be an ecosystem where parts are designed to work together.

At the heart is cloud based video storage, fed by surveillance assets like drones, aerial cameras on manned aircraft, and other cameras.  Video with geographic metadata, like STANAG 4609, is most valuable here, because it keeps time, geographic information and other valuable data right with the video file and stream.  Tools for planning and communication running primarily on mobile devices facilitate all of this.  Finally, video and metadata analysis is done on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Rapid Imaging Software's decades of experience working with data and video sources has put them at the leading edge of cloud based situational awareness for both real time and post collection analysis.  ISR, Search and Rescue, Emergency Management, Wildlife Management, and commercial drone operations will all benefit from this ecosystem.  It is our goal at Rapid Imaging Software to make that a reality.