Process Hundreds of Trail Cam Images an Hour with PhotoGoFer

Rapid Imaging Software announced PhotoGoFer for sale on March 11, 2015.  PhotoGoFer image management software was developed for wildlife biologists to efficiently process and add data to thousands of images from trail cameras. The software creates a database to organize data and offers many features for error-free image and data management. Users can add data to any size image set with a few mouse clicks.

Key features:

  • Add Geo tags for camera GPS location plus .Exif data such as date and time

  • Add data tags to one or more images such as: species, sex, predation, comments and more

  • Search for image and data with flexible database queries and image search options

  • Export data from a small or large search set, compatible with most statistic or GIS programs

  • Camera grid mapping with species kernel density display (US only)

  • Networked application allows only authenticated users to access data

PhotoGoFer has been in use by wildlife biologists in the United States and South Africa since 2012.  Mike Abernathy Director of Development notes, “We developed PhotoGoFer to help wildlife biologists to spend their time analyzing data instead of processing images in spreadsheets.  Several of our users report they are able to process over 300 images an hour.”