SmartCam3D 7 Delivers Critical Tools for Unmanned ISR Ops

ALBUQUERQUE, NM February 9, 2015- Rapid Imaging Software, Inc. is releasing SmartCam3D version 7 on February 16, 2015. SmartCam3D 7 includes significant developments to improve the quality of intelligence collection and analysis for unmanned ISR missions.   Mike Abernathy, Director of Technology, notes, “We have added 16 million km of roads, airports, railways, water bodies, state/province and national borders, park boundaries, plus landmark icons.  The new map data fuses seamlessly with the video.  Sensor operators using this software know exactly where they are looking.”

SmartCam3D 7 offers must-have features for sensor operators and intelligence analysts:

  • 3D map overlays, landmarks and MIL-STD-2525 symbols
  • Moving Map with vehicle display and sensor footprint
  • Picture-in-Picture a synthetic 3D terrain wrapped around sensor video for an expanded field of view
  • Head’s Up Displays
  • Includes a Full Motion Video player or may be accessed via an API within another player for live or recorded video
  • May be deployed on ground control station, via remote video terminal or on a desktop        

SmartCam3D 7 enhances situational awareness, a critical factor in unmanned ISR operations.  A loss of situational awareness endangers mission results and may lead to damage of the unmanned vehicle.  

During a mission, the sensor operator may choose one or more of the following as  video overlays:  roads, landmark icons and MIL-STD-2525 symbols. These overlays insure that the operator is always oriented correctly in the view.

Points of interest may be marked during the mission. When a point is of interest for analysis, the location is marked with a flag including an operator note.

The Picture-in-Picture feature creates a synthetic 3D terrain that wraps around the video and expands the field of view.  When Picture in Picture is used with the moving map and Head’s Up Displays situational awareness is assured.

 Intelligence analysts reviewing recorded video are able to turn on and off all overlays and see the flags inserted by the operator.  The overlays add data critical for timely, accurate intelligence.

“A few years ago we demonstrated that SmartCam3D improves target acquisition, our new developments promise even greater impact on sensor operator performance,”   Mike Abernathy.

SmartCam3D 7 may be deployed with a Full Motion Video player or integrated into a video player via an Application Programming Interface (SmartCam3D-i).   This product is scalable and may be deployed on large or small UAS platforms.  For more information call 608-824-1131 ext 101 ask for Dave Geisler.