Powered by SmartCam3D delivers

Augmented Reality Enriched Video to your Client

Augmented reality (AR) has recently become a household phrase due to mobile apps and games.  Powered by SmartCam3D AR applications blend world map data and other useful information onto video.  The video may be captured from a variety of sensors such as; DJI drones, ISR systems or security cameras.

Why is it useful? 

AR overlays deliver important information to the viewer by answering the following: Where am I looking? and What am I looking at? 

If video is captured by a drone, it may be viewed by the drone/camera operator.  If the video is distributed via a network, then everyone with access to the network can watch the AR enriched video in real time.  This allows a team to see and agree on what is in the video.

This creates different outcomes for different viewers. For a public safety office the result is improved personnel coordination and enhanced decision making.  For a hobby flyer, AR improves flight safety and adds to the entertainment value of the video.

Powered by SmartCam3D offers overlays to suit the needs of users in; defense, civil government, commercial and consumer markets.  Specific examples include: public safety, disaster relief, construction, insurance, film-making, journalism and many more.

Integration Options: 

There many ways to deploy this technology, including an iOS app and cloud based options. The software is compatible with Windows, Linux and iOS systems.

Sensor Options:

Powered by SmartCam3D is compatible with video from DJI drones, Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems, ISR systems and security cameras.  When paired with a video network all viewers have access to AR enriched video.

Augmented Reality Overlay Options (see gallery)

  • World map (included) - roads, streets, landmark icons, boundaries and waterways and more 
  • IoT data: bio-metrics, emissions, temperatures, vehicles, personnel and more
  • Address and parcel ID Displayaddress of look point
  • Custom data options available - structures, parcel identifiers and more

This gallery shows several types of augmented reality overlays.