Trail Cam Image Management

The PhotoGoFer data and image management system delivers a set of tools to rapidly process vast numbers of trail cam images.  PhotoGoFer creates a database to organize data and offers several functions for fast error-free image and data management.

The strength of PhotoGoFer is the ability to add data to any size group of photos with a few mouse clicks.

Key features:

  • Add Geo tags for camera GPS location plus .exif data such as date and time.

  • Add data tags to one or more image such as: species, sex, predation, comments and more.

  • Search for images and data with flexible database queries and image search options.

  • Export data from a small or large search set, compatible with most statistic or GIS programs.

  • Camera grid mapping with species kernel density display.

  • Network based application allows only authenticated users to access data.

  • Online network storage available.

  • May be used by teams in multiple locales.

PhotoGoFer has been in use by research teams in the United States and South Africa since 2012.

Ask a Geomyidae

How many images can I process in an hour? 

Depending on the project most users can process 300-500 images an hour.

Can I create a unique data tag for unusual items in the images such as humans or vehicles?

Yes. You can create custom data tags for images and include subcategories. For example, subcategories for Human might include: poacher, hunter or biologist.

I am working on a project that involves identification of individual wolves and a population count. Can I name an individual wolf and then compare old pictures to new for identification?                                                                          

Yes. You can create an individual name and then compare current pictures to prior images. Names may be added to new pictures as needed.

I am working with a team that is scattered across the United States; can we share data and images?                                       

Yes. PhotoGoFer works across the US and around the world. The system stores images and data on a network and may be accessed by team members from any location with internet access.

Does PhotoGoFer offer mapping functions?                                                                                                                                              

Yes (only in the US). The camera grid locations are shown as overlays on USGS high resolution ortho-imagery and may be exported for reports or presentations.

What format is used for data export?     Data is exported in .csv format.

I am going to be working in the field for several weeks.  Can I use PhotoGoFer when there is no internet connection?         

Yes.  Images may be tagged off line. The information will upload the next time an internet connection is available.