SmartCam3D - View Live or Archived Full Motion Video with  Augmented Reality Map Overlays.

Product Options:

  1. SmartCam3D - Augmented reality overlays includes a full motion video player
  2. SmartCam3D-I - Augmented reality API library embedded in any full motion video player. (Features marked with an asterisk are hardware dependent.)

SmartCam3D Features (click here for details):

  • Augmented reality map overlays for; roads, streets, landmark icons and MIL-STD-2525 symbols.
  • Insert a Mark add a flag with text to live or archived video.
  • Address Display- address of look point.
  • Moving Map with topography, vehicle display.*
  • Picture-in-Picture a synthetic 3D terrain wrapped around the video for an expanded field of view.*
  • Head's Up Displays for enhanced situational awareness.*
  • Full Motion Video player is STANAG 4609 compatible and available for multiple operating systems
  • SmartCam3D Mobile companion app to upload locations of interest and landmarks (click here for more).

This gallery demonstrates the augmented reality map and tactical overlays options.

SmartCam3D has been demonstrated to improve sensor operator performance, in target acquisition and mission safety.

SmartCam3D is the only Augmented Reality solution for

US Army Ground Control Stations.