Augmented Reality Overlays -Streets, Roads, Trails, Landmarks, and Borders

SmartCam3D includes global and local geographic databases with coverage of the entire earth at medium scale, and other areas at fine scale.  

The map overlays include: roads, streets, highways, trails, national and international borders, airports and runways.  Landmark icons are also displayed as overlays, icons exist for facilities such as; hospitals, houses of worship, schools, government buildings, police and fire stations.

Address Display

The Address Display is a geographic description showing the approximate address of the camera look-point on the ground, shown in the bottom left of the image. This feature allows the sensor operator to provide accurate ground location information for rapid response teams.

Tactical Overlays

SmartCam3D imports data from organization intelligence and overlays the data onto the view. The typical format is MIL-STD-2525 symbols. These flags increase safety for ground troops and enhance mission effectiveness.

Sensor Operator Observations

Sensor operators may add marks into the video. The marks with text or comments may be inserted into the live video, the synthetic view or both. These markers allow the operator to track, identify and gather vital information regarding targets on the ground and convey this intelligence to intelligence analysts.

Moving Map  

The Moving Map provides a bird’s eye view of the area of operation.


Picture-in-Picture expands situational awareness through the seamless blending of video and a virtual 3-D landscape.  The synthetic terrain mirrors the actual landscape that lies inside as well as outside the sensor field of view.  The fusion between the sensor video and the virtual landscape expands the operator’s field of view.