Obstacle Verification Initiative

In 2011 the FAA’s Terrain and Obstacles Data Team (TODT) launched the Obstacle Verification Initiative (OVI).  The goal of the project was to improve obstacle accuracy at 12 airports for RNP approach design in 12 months.  SmarTopo® was selected for this project due to its ability to acquire data quickly and accurately.

The OVI project was completed in 10 months -

2 months ahead of scheduleFAA terrain and obstacle analysts were able to improve the accuracy of 1290 obstacles to a level 1B, confirm 111 dismantled obstacles, identify 89 new obstacles and lower the minimum approach altitude at 12 airports.


OVI Summary

1290 Obstacles accurate to 1B

27 Obstacle survey days

48 Obstacles per day

111 Obstacles confirmed dismantled

89 New obstacles identified and added to the FAA’s Database

12 Airports minimum approach altitude lowered