LandForm is a tool for manned surveillance systems.

Tactical flight officers and sensor operators armed with LandForm can conduct an entire action without looking away from the screen.

The LandForm interface is designed for simplicity and allows the sensor operator to switch quickly between the moving map, recorded video and live video.  The operator can also use LandForm to switch between EO and IR cameras, to zoom in and zoom out and to geo-point the camera.

LandForm enhances live video by delivering 5 key features:

  1. Moving map

  2. Sensor control

  3. Target manager

  4. Video recording with playback

  5. Augmented reality (available only with LandForm+)

LandForm includes world map data and is delivered pre-loaded on a ruggedized computer.  The compact device integrates seamlessly with existing hardware. 

World Map Data Includes:

  1. Coastlines and national borders

  2. Highways, roads, streets and trails

  3. Airports and runway

  4. Landmarks: parks, schools, churches, hospitals, government buildings and more.


LandForm improves situational awareness for the tactical flight officer leading to the transmission of clear and timely intelligence for any mission type: including law enforcement, search and rescue, border patrol and disaster relief such as earthquakes or wild land fires. 

LandForm+ in ActionLandForm_Plus.html

LandForm Sensor Operator Console