Moving Map

The moving map shows topographic relief, plus roads and points of interest.  The vehicle location and direction of travel are also visible as is the sensor footprint.


The sensor can be controlled via the moving map; touch a point in the scene and the sensor will look at that location.

Target Manager

The LandForm target manager is equipped to send and receive target location information. 

These transmissions include: location data for one or more targets or a polyline area.  The targets may be added before or during a mission.


When a target location is received by LandForm, it is added to the target list.  Targets in the list are shown in the live video.


Click a target in the list and the sensor will slew to the selected point.

LandForm Sensor Operator Console

Record Video and Playback

All mission video is recorded and may be reviewed during the mission.  Recorded video may also be downloaded for post-mission review.

Sensor Control

The LandForm interface allows the sensor operator to switch between the moving map, recorded video and live video. 

The operator can also use LandForm to switch between EO and IR cameras, to zoom in and out and to geo point the camera.

Augmented Reality (available with LandForm+)

LandForm+ augmented reality mapping, seamlessly blends world map data and landmarks onto live video.  

Streets, roads and landmarks update continuously during a mission.   As the sensor is zoomed in the map overlays become more detailed, all the way down to street address.