SmarTopo® Desktop

SmarTopo® allows a terrain and obstacle analyst to view a wealth of information on an obstacle in one easy to use interface. 

The system provides access to hundreds of thousands of obstacles in the FAA’s obstacle database and provides views that include LIDAR, high resolution aerial photos and aerial inspection data.  In addition analysts are able to export a variety of files such as .kml or .csv.

This technology dramatically reduces the time involved in analyzing obstacle data.  Analysts using the software can review and improve the accuracy of 20-40 obstacles per hour. 

SmarTopo® Harvest

A recent study indicates that there are a substantial number of undocumented obstacles penetrating the national airspace. SmarTopo® Harvest is a proprietary technology used to find and identify these obstacles. 

For example, in a six square mile area of Los Angeles an analyst using Harvest identified 52 undocumented obstacles of 200 feet or more.

Analysts can process 20-40 obstacles an hour.