Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Studies show that UAS operators using SmartCam3D® experience improved situational awareness. 

With improved awareness targets are acquired with greater speed and accuracy.  Plus operations are safer for those on the ground and damage to aircraft is reduced.  SmartCam3D® is in use on the U.S. Army Shadow system.

Obstacle Verification

Obstacle accuracy and verification are critical for the modernization of airspace.  SmartCam3D® locates, surveys and confirms dismantled obstacles. 

A flag with the identifier name appears above documented obstacles.  If the sensor operator locates an obstacle that may be undocumented a mark may be inserted into the video. 

This software is a key component of the SmarTopo™ Obstacle Management System. 

SmartCam3D Applications

Police, Search & Rescue and Emergency Management

SmartCam3D® is a powerful tool for directing crisis response.  SmartMap3D overlays show roads and streets in the correct location, even when those streets are flooded. 

In addition the location of hospitals, schools and other important landmarks are shown.

Commanders on the ground can make strategic decisions to speed assistance to those in need.